Four Signs of Bad Strategy

As leaders in ministry we have a key responsibility before the Lord to be good stewards of the mission, people and resources he has entrusted to our care. And, in my opinion, bad strategy results in poor stewardship which is irresponsibility on our part.

So many of us really don’t know how to plan and often don’t recognize poor planning. But we need to!

The book Good Strategy, Bad Strategy has some good pointers for us. One help is a list of four signs of bad strategy:

1. Fluff – gibberish or “Sunday” words masquerading as strategic concepts.

2. Failure to face the challenge – this happens the most in my opinion. It is simply our tendency to avoid the hard things, the real issues. A strategy that avoids the real issue(s) will not give you the right results.

3. Mistaking goals for strategy – I have seen and done this often. You write out a list of goals or tasks and proclaim it a strategy.

4. Bad strategic objectives – when strategic objectives fail to address critical issues or are impracticable.

Planning is an act of stewardship, so learn to plan well and learn to recognize when it is not done well.

Have a great weekend!