What Kind of Leadership Team Do You Have?

Imagine two different organizations with two different leadership teams:

The first is led by a leadership team whose members are open with one another, passionately debate important issues, and commit to clear decisions even if they initially disagree.  They call each other out when when their behaviors or performance needs correction, and they focus their attention on the collective good of the organization.

The second is led by a leadership team whose members are guarded and less than honest with one another.  They hold back during difficult conversations, feign commitment, and hesitate to call one another on unproductive behaviors. Often they pursue their own agendas rather than those of the greater organization.”

Where would you rather serve?  Which one describes your leadership team?

The above quotes are from Patrick Lencioni’s newest book The Advantage that has just been released.  The entire focus of the book is on organizational health which he says is THE issue in the success or failure of an organization.

It is an outstanding book that I highly recommend.  I will post a few more times on the book this week.

Blessings on your day!  I hope that you are setting your heart and mind on the significance of what Christ accomplished on the cross and the incredible hope we have in His resurrection!