Do You Really Have a Leadership Team?

Do you really have a leadership team?  Most of us do in name, but do you in actuality have a team?

In his book, The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni says that in reality what most of us have are leadership working groups – not teams.

Think about it this way – a working group is similar to a golf team where the players go off and play their own game and then get together at the end of the day to tally up their scores.

A real team is more like a basketball team where everyone is playing simultaneously in a mutually dependent way and even interchanging roles. And if one player is not performing up to their potential, then the team suffers.

Most of us in reality have working groups of leaders who come together to represent and advocate for their areas in a joint meeting instead of a team where leaders come together around a common goal and with a focus on the greater good for the overall organization.

Moving from being a working group to a highly functioning team is an intentional choice and is a lot of hard work – but worth it.  If you are a leader in a church or ministry, you owe it to those you lead to build a team and to not be satisfied with simply a working group.

The basis to having a healthy organization is to have a healthy leadership team.  Without a true leadership team that is healthy, you will not have a healthy organization.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, take time to meditate on the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ upon the cross that paid the penalty for our sins.  What a wonderful, outrageous act of obedience and love. We are truly a blessed people.  Take time to praise Him.  Tomorrow is Friday, but Sunday is coming!