He Just Frustrates Me!

Why can’t people think like I do?  Wouldn’t that be so much simpler?

Of course we read in Scripture in 1 Corinthians 12 where it talks about one body but different parts and in Romans 12 where Paul talks about the different gifts.  Also, in most of the management and leadership literature we also read about how important it is to have a diverse team.  But it is just so frustrating when all those diverse people don’t think like I do.  They have different opinions and don’t immediately see the validity and genius of my point of view!  I know they are different personalities and have different gifts, but it sure would be so much more simple if they thought like I do.  Look how more efficient we would be!  No more wasting time on these long discussions.

Ever feel that way?  We say that we want diversity on our teams, but yet at a core level it often actually frustrates us.  The problem is, your team sees or feels that frustration at a certain level and it will stifle the input you need.  Eventually, the only people that will stay around you are the ones like you because they are the only ones that feel comfortable or safe around you.

As a leader, you have to truly come to value the wonderful and varied ways God has formed the people in the team around you.  You should almost revel in their wonderful diversity and have a grateful heart for the varied gifts and personalities of the people the Lord has placed on your team.

Take time to thank the Lord for all those wonderfully different people around you today – and then go and let them know how valuable they are to you and your organization.