Six Questions You Should Be Able to Answer

Does your team have the clarity they need to accomplish their mission?  Does your organization have the clarity it needs to move towards mission accomplishment?  Too often the answer is no.

In his book, The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni gives six critical questions that every organizations should be able to answer.  If you can answer these questions then you will be moving towards creating clarity that will bless your staff and help you move the organization towards mission accomplishment.  By the way, jargon, slogans, meaningless words or fancy language are not allowed!  Keep it simple and real.

The questions:

1. Why do we exist? Successful and enduring organizations understand the fundamental reason they were founded and stay true  to that reason.

2. How do we behave? This should be embodied in your core values and be the ultimate guide for staff behavior at all levels.

3. What do we do? This is the simplest of the six – what is it that you do?  Define it clearly.

4. How will we succeed? When you answer this question, you are essentially setting your strategy.

5. What is most important, right now? Determine what is THE priority right now, not priorities.  Too many organizations have 7, 8 or more “top” priorities.  You need to determine what single priority is most important, right now.

6. Who must do what? Do you leaders / staff really know who is responsible for what?  Or is there some confusion?  Maybe multiple people thinking they are responsible for the same thing?You need to clarify roles and responsibilities.

If you can answer these six questions with your leadership team, then you are well on your way to achieving clarity within your organization in a manner that will propel you towards mission accomplishment.

Blessings on your Thursday!