Praise is Powerful

One of my challenges is I tend to want to receive praise more than I give praise.  It seems that I am a tad self-centered! Which is not very smart as praise is powerful in encouraging people.

People need to hear when they are doing well.  They need to hear it from you – their leader.  So here are a few thoughts about how to praise and encourage your people:

– Do it personally, not by email.

– Do it now!  Make it as instant as possible.

– Be specific.  Tell them how what they did encourages you,

– Write a personal note to them – the key is write it, don’t type or email. (don’t worry if they can’t read your writing, the fact that you wrote it speaks volumes!)

– Publicly recognize their achievements.

– Have team meetings to celebrate successes.

The key is, personally recognize and praise the achievements of your people.  It is so easy and so powerful in encouraging people.  Don’t let self-centeredness or preoccupation get in the way of encouraging your people.  They need it – you need it.

Remember, Leaders are dealers in Hope!