Who Are You Having Breakfast With?

I enjoy a good breakfast – especially if the coffee is good! And I have a small town cafe I enjoy that is great for meetings and working.  Good food, they keep your coffee cup full, they have wi-fi and the booths are great for spreading out and working.

The key is, that I try to have those breakfasts with young leaders.  I have found that talking over a simple meal, especially in the morning, it is a great time to get at the heart of a matter.  People are fresh & not consumed with the worries of the day and something about sharing a meal breaks down artificial barriers. This has been some of my most productive coaching times.

My question for you – are you having these times with young leaders?  Are you investing into helping someone grow and have greater impact in the Kingdom?  If not, start scheduling a couple of breakfasts a month to invest in helping a young leader grow.  It will be a greater blessing to you than to them!

Have a great & blessed weekend,