8 Things an Extraordinary Boss Believes

Good Friday morning to you.  Glorious morning here in southwest Michigan.  Sun is brilliant, skies incredibly blue and I am just thoroughly enjoying God’s creation this morning.

Thought I would share something with you this morning that I read on Inc.s site.  Geoffrey James has a good article on how extraordinary bosses view things at work that he developed through interviewing CEO’s across the world.  Following are eight common beliefs of those he interviewed:

1. Business is an ecosystem and not a battlefield. Diversity and adaptability are key here.

2. A company [organization] is a community, not a machine. In other words, do you see your staff as cogs in complex machine or as unique individuals created in the image of God?

3. Management is service, not control.  What are you more concerned with: controlling your employees or resourcing them to do their jobs?

4. My employees are my peers, not my children. Again – how do you view the people you lead / serve?

5. Motivation comes from vision, not fear.

6. Change equals growth, not pain. Change is inevitable, so how do you make it an advantage?  HOw do you lead your people to embrace the right change?

7. Technology offers empowerment, not automation. You should view tech as a way to free people to be creative, not as a way to gain more control.

8. Work should be fun, not mere toil. Is your place of work safe for your people?  Are the right people in the right jobs?  How are you helping them to grow?  How often do you stop to laugh & share stories?

Some interesting points that seem to apply in business, ministry and on church staff.

What do you think?

Hope you have an incredible weekend!