Do You Have Any Polymaths?

Do you have enough Polymaths in your organization?  Do you think you need some?  According to Kyle Wiens, not only do you need them, they are critical to your organization.

By the way – do you know what a Polymath is?  I did not until reading this article on the Harvard Business Review blog, however, I tend to agree with Mr. Wiens.

A Polymath is a person with a wide range of knowledge or learning.  They are the “jack-of-all trades”, people who spread around their learning and dabble in may areas.  Often, they are not that appreciated in this era of hyper-specialization. Specialization and having a deep knowledge and understanding of an area is important, however, according to Mr. Wiens overly-strict specialization can actually be a limiter to innovative thinking.

Over specialization can prevent you from seeing other points of view.  Because of a broad range of knowledge in many areas, a Polymath may “see the unseen interconnectedness” which opens up so many more possibilities.

So celebrate your Polymaths and tap into them as a resource to help creatively address challenges.

Another thought – why don’t you become a Polymath?  We need more of them!!

Writing from the beautiful state of Mississippi today!