Pacing Yourself

Good morning,

We just returned to Michigan from the land of warmer weather and cheaper gas – much cheaper!  We had the blessing of spending a little over a week with family as we went South for the graduation of one of our nephews from high school.  We had a great time visiting family, old friends and enjoying some good Southern cooking.

We made the trip down in one day and were tired most of the time we were there visiting.  On the way back, we split the trip into two days and feel much better.  Even on the way back on the first day we thought that we could go a couple of hours more than we had planned.  Then we remembered that stopping when we planned was a better idea as we were not really tired yet.  If we went further and were really tired we would not rest well thus defeating the reason for stopping in the first place.

In other words we needed to stick to our plan or we would have become too tired.  We needed to stick to the pace we had set and knew would work.  I think it’s like that in our lives on a regular basis – we don’t stop to rest in time or for long enough.  We stay up an hour or two longer than we need to at night because we feel like we can.  The result is often always feeling tired and not ever really getting enough rest.

The key is understanding yourself and the rhythms of your life. Do you know what pace you need to be working on?  It is different for different people.  Learn how to pace yourself to get the rest you need.  You will actually find yourself being more productive and getting more done.  A nice combination.

Check out Tony Schwartz’s website The Energy Project for some good information on this subject as well as Pastor Wayne Cordiero who suffered a meltdown as a result of not pacing his life properly. You can order his powerful video Dead Leader Running here or check out his book Leading on Empty.

So pace yourself – it will bless you and those you serve.