Did They Die in Vain?

It seems that it is “popular” now to talk about the demise of America, to predict its imminent collapse.  It is “sophisticated” to discuss how America is no different from any other nation and that American exceptionalism is a myth.  It seems to be a popular thing among some Christians to be “above” patriotism or having a special love for this country – that it is no different than any other. I read a recent quote once of a man years ago addressing something of this nature and he simply asked the men if they loved all women equally as much as their own wives.

Today as we remember those that died in the service of our country – our nation, did they die in vain?  Is America no longer special, does it no longer stand for freedom?  Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born a Muslim in Mogadishu, lived in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Holland and eventually moved to the US.  You probably remember her from the news as her life was threatened in Holland because of her stand against radical Islam.  Read the following words of Ayaan Hirsi Ali in an article in the Smithsonian Magazine:

“For me America is a place of refuge and a great nation. I say this without being blind to the problems we have in this country. But the people I have encountered here have given me protection, friendship, love. I feel not only safe, but also absolutely free to lead the life I wanted.

If you look at the number of green card and visa applications every year to the United States, then I think that the idea that you can arrive in this country and take a chance at building a life for yourself is very much alive. It is still a land of opportunity— the world’s shelter.”

The title of the article is Why America is the World’s Shelter. This is a recent article by a woman who has lived in several parts of the world who has taken shelter in America, and is grateful.

So, no – they did not die in vain – those who fought for this country. America is still exceptional in the history of this world and it is in a large part due to those willing to give their lives for the principles on which this country was founded.

Yes, we have problems and issues.  But America is not done yet.  We need to roll up our sleeves and get to work to preserve and nurture what makes this country special.

Most of all, we need to pray and seek God for another great awakening in this country.  We need to turn back to Him and seek a move of His Spirit again in this country.

They did not die in vain – as long as we remember what they died for, as long as we do not give into fear and sloth, and as long as we remember that we must turn back to the Lord.