Don’t Hire For Talent

Good Monday morning to you!  It has been an absolutely beautiful weekend here in southwest Michigan!  We had fun watching a baby robin learn to fly.  He must not be in the advanced class as he flew right into the side of the garage – he was a little stunned but soon recovered.

The young robin recovering after flying into the side of the garage.

Hiring the right people is the most important decision you make as a leader in an organization – but we often use the wrong criteria.  Most of us go for talent or skill sets first.  That is almost irrelevant!  Surprising statement?  Well, it seems that the organizations that hire well and have low turnover select people first on the basis of their character.  One software company has a VP of engineering who had degrees in theater and anthropology!  In fact this company now has seven non-negotiables when they hire: (click here to read a great article about how this company chooses their people)

1. Respect,

2. Belief,

3. Loyalty,

4. Commitment,

5. Trust,

6. Courage and

7. Gratitude.

See anything about skill sets there? Nope, I did not either.

It is more about who people are than what they know that should be most important to you. Hire people of character and then train them to do what you need done.

Hope it is an outstanding week for you this week!