What Has Your Attention?

Good morning!  Hope your Wednesday is getting off to a great start

I was just reading an article on the Harvard Business Review site entitled “What Captures Your Attention Controls Your Life“. Great point and the article got me to thinking about some things – about what is it that I give my attention to?  What about you?  What has your attention?

Is it the task or the person?

Is it immediate gratification / goals / quotas or long-term benefit?

Is it your desires or the other person’s needs?

Is it your email / cellphone / social media site or the person sitting in your office talking to you?

Is it television / computer or your family?

Is it fear or hope?

Is it only your little piece of the world or a bigger slice of creation?

Is it yourself or is it Jesus?

What you pay attention to shapes you in so many ways and impacts those around you.  Be very careful of where you are focusing your attention – it matters.