Work Less, Do More

Good Friday morning to you! It is simply an incredibly beautiful morning here in southwest Michigan.  It almost makes up for those days in February.

I have been reading a book called The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss.  Now I am not completely a fan of the book in that I am not endorsing some of his motivations / attitudes, but some of the methodology he recommends is intriguing to me.

One thing in particular impresses me – the relentless drive to cut out things that don’t matter and that are actually hindering progress or that are distractions to progress. TV, email clutter, surfing the Internet, busy work type tasks and so on.

One thing he recommended is a free piece of software called RescueTime that monitors how you use your computer time.  It allows you to categorize your computer related activities and then gives you a “dashboard’ that shows just how you are using your time.  It breaks it down into two levels of productivity and two levels of non-productive time.  Believe me – you are probably spending more time in the unproductive categories than you imagine.  I know I wasn’t impressed with my usage.

Back to the book – it is a good read in my opinion, if you run it through the right grid and look for the ways to make yourself more effective in what the Lord has called you to do. As I said, there are several aspects of the book I disagree with, especially some of the attitudinal ones, but    some of the methodology is very interesting to me.

So – are you being relentless about cutting away the things that hinder you?  Seems there might be a Scripture that speaks to that!

Have a great weekend!