Are You Distracted?

Good morning! Another beautiful, cool morning here in the Midwest.

I have come to the conclusion in my own life that one of, if not the, biggest hinderance to accomplishing my goals is simply distraction. There are so many small simple ways in which I become distracted and the cumulative result is a lot of wasted time that could have been used in moving towards where I believe that the Lord wants me to be. Do you ever have any challenges with these?

Keeping your email on while working on an important project?

Checking the news several times a day? Especially regarding the stock market or your favorite team?

How about Facebook & Pinterest?

How about a little web surfing in the name of research?

By the way, I have found a great free program that analyzes how you spend your time and breaks it down into Very Distracting, Distracting, Neutral, Productive and Very Productive.  The program is called RescueTime. Try it. You may be like me and be very unimpressed in how you are using your time on your computer. It has resulted in me changing some of my habits.

We all have our own little pet ways of avoiding doing the work we need to grow and move towards our goals. Maybe it is time you review your life and see what you are allowing in your life that distracts you from the important things?

Someone once said that the Enemy doesn’t have to destroy us, only distract us. What are you allowing to distract you from your calling and mission?

Have a blessed day!