A Team in Name Only?

Good morning!

We are about to go into the second day of meetings for LIfe Action’s Senior Leadership Team. It is a great group of people that I respect and truly like. It has been a blessing to watch a group of strong, godly people slowly become a team and to see the strength of becoming a true team.

I read recently about one way to tell if you have a real team or not.  Check out the following and tell me if you are on a real team or not:

1. Do you consider team meetings a distraction or vital work?

2. Do you feel like you “should” attend team meetings or do you want to attend?

3. Do you look for ways to miss the meeting  or send a substitute or if you can’t be there, you trust the team members to represent your concerns?

4. You can’t wait for the meeting to end or you feel productive and energized?

5. Between Meetings : Do your peers feel irrelevant or do you solve problems together?

6. You avoid your peers or do you manage team accountabilities with peers?

7. You rely on the team leader to integrate the team or do you integrate yourselves?

So – are you on a real leadership team or are you on a team in name only?

Blessings on your day!