Is It Time for a Checkup?

Good morning, it is finally a little cooler here in southwest Michigan. For a while I felt like I was back in the South!

How are you doing? No really – how are you doing? Not just at work, not just at home, but in all areas of your life? Do you know how you are doing? Or do you just have a vague sense that maybe some areas of your life may be just a little out of whack? Or maybe a lot?

Most of us have an annual physical which gives us a snapshot at that moment of how we are doing  physically and the doctor may give us direction on how to deal with some of the results. So why don’t we do that for our lives? For all aspects of who we are?

What we do here at Life Action for all of our staff is that we do an annual checkup, but it is an overall Vitality Assessment. Once a year, we require our staff to take at least one half day and we allow a full day to go somewhere quiet where they can concentrate and meet with the Lord and work through a Vitality Assessment that was developed by one of our leaders here at the ministry. The Assessment walks you through ten major parts of most people’s lives and gives them a snapshot of how healthy they are in each area.. Following are the ten areas:

1. Your relationship with the Lord 

2. Your marriage

3. Family

4 Key relationships

5. Physical Health

6. Rest & Recreation

7. Moral Purity

8. Service to others

9. Financial health

10. Your work life

Of course, you could break up your life in different segments, but the point is that you are examining your life and then addressing the areas that God puts His finger on. After the assessment, we require our staff members to choose someone (they don’t have to be on Life Action’s staff) to walk with them as they address whatever they learned during the assessment.

So – is it time for you to have a checkup?

Have a blessed week!