Take Back Control of Your Attention

Good morning! Still warm here in Michigan – warmer that where I am from in the South!!

What has your attention? Really? A while back I wrote a post on “What Has Your Attention?” Now the questions is how are you stewarding your attention? Sound a little funny? Think about it – how you use your attention is really a stewardship issue. How are you focusing your attention? On what?

Tony Schwartz has a good post on this issue and he identifies seven things you can do to take back your attention – especially taking it back from the numerous tech devices that we have that consume our attention!

1. Start to focus on what you’re doing with your attention. – Keep a simple journal or log to see what is pulling at your attention each day.

2. Either the night before or the morning of the day – write down the two or three most important things you have to accomplish that day.

3. Do the most important thing first! Before checking email, the web news sites and so on. TURN OFF all of your electronic devices!!!  And concentrate on that priority for 90 minutes and then take a break.

4. Eliminate the “insecurity” work. Interesting concept – check out his blog post to se what he means.

5. Keep a list of what is on your mind – instead of trying to keep up with everything on our mind, develop some kind of list where you transfer that thought to the list so you don’t worry about trying to remember it.

6. Every time – that is every time –  go online ask yourself if it is the best use of your time.

7. Systematically train your attention. One way is to read good books for a sustained, uninterrupted amount of time.

Some good points. The main point to me is that taking control of your attention is a matter of stewardship. Do not waste your attention!

Grace and peace to you this week.