Want to be More Productive? Go to Sleep!

We finally have some rain here in southwest Michigan – what a blessing!

Do you want to be more productive, more energetic, and live longer? Try getting at least seven hours of sleep each night.

Most of us get six or less hours of sleep a night which leads to fatigue, poor thinking, and poor health. In fact, getting less than six hours of sleep a night on a prolonged basis increases your chance of heat disease by 48 percent.

Tony Schwartz, in a Harvard Business Review blog post goes into detail the benefits of getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night versus the six to six and a half most of us get or the less than six hours 30 percent of us get each night. The difference is astonishing.

Simply getting one or two more hours of sleep each night on a consistent basis will radically transform your life.

So what is keeping you from doing so? Habit? Do you really have to stay up to watch the news? Do you really have to check out everyone’s Facebook? Do you really need to surf the Web for a couple of hours?

Try changing your habits just a bit and feel better, be more productive, be happier, and live longer. Just try it!

Rest well tonight!

3 thoughts on “Want to be More Productive? Go to Sleep!

  1. I couldn’t agree more I find that when I do only get six or less hours I’m totally drained the next day, but even then to take that a step further if I get more then 10 hours I again feel tired drains and just in prepared for the day. I would say the best timeframe (from my personal experiences) would be seven to nine hours fits me perfectly. I wake up feeling refreshed and mentally prepared for the day.


    1. I have found 7 works best for me and that getting to bed earlier & arising early better suits me as well. More than 8 drains me (plus I ache all over!). Also found that reading a good book for a bit helps me to relax and go to sleep easier as well.


      1. Have you tried deliberate breathing exercises? its a really good way to relax your body and put your mind into a sound state. also makes sleeping easier! you can do it throughout the day as well when you feel like you need an energy boost or just need to clear your mind and calm down.


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