A Critical But Underutilized Management Skill

Good Monday morning! Over the last few weeks I have mentioned about how dry it was here and about how I did not have to mow. Well, we have had some rain and my yard has gone from a desert to a jungle. Amazing how fast it recovers!

There is one thing that we could be doing better that would motivate our staff, empower our staff, develop our staff, allow us to focus, reduce overwork, and maintain priorities. However, we avoid that thing and we don’t cultivate the skill – all to our detriment and to the detriment of those we lead. I wonder why.

This most critical of skills is simply delegating. For whatever reason we fail to learn the skill of delegation and we and others suffer as a result. Amy Gallo in her Harvard Business Review article “Why Aren’t You Delegating?” has some thoughts. Check out her article. I have some theories as well. But ask yourself – why aren’t you delegating? What is it that you fear will happen if you delegate?

Also – check out my post on “Delegating – the 5 Levels” for some practical guidelines on how to delegate.

So – just try it today – delegate something!

Blessings on your day & week!

One thought on “A Critical But Underutilized Management Skill

  1. Ah yes. Delegation. What we remind our cell leaders as well. Those who are gifted seem to unconsciously veer away from delegating. Not good because it does lead to overwork and stress later on.


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