Regarding Busyness

Good morning,

Are you responsible for keeping other people busy? Then this article on the Harvard Business Review website might interest you:

Is Busyness Bad for Business? by Susan David

Following are some “bottom lines” from the article:

If you are responsible for keeping others “busy”, consider the following:

  1. People have a fundamental need to feel competent. It’s your job to give them stimulating, meaningful work.
  2. Rather than waiting out a lull, encourage employees to be creative and proactive.
  3. Give them the time they need to complete key assignments. Don’t let meetings or inefficient work practices hijack their workdays.
  4. Help employees stay connected to the meaning in the work they do. Tie tasks to how they benefit the person, the team, the client, the organization.
  5. Consider what makes life, and not just work, meaningful. Make sure your team members have time for it.

Have a good day!