Are You Being Clear?

Good morning! Another beautiful day and it has been a good week at Life Action as all of our staff from across the country, Canada and the Dominican Republic are together this week. 

Are you being clear to those you lead? is there alignment in your organization? Do people really know where you are headed?

Patrick Lencioni makes it clear in his book, The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive, just how important clarity is in our organizations. He suggests that we be able to answer clearly and succinctly the following six questions:

1.Why do we exist?
2.How do we behave?
3.What do we do?
4.How will we succeed?
5.What is most important, Right now?
6.Who must do what?

Then after answering the questions, we need to develop a “playbook” with the answers that the leadership team keeps with them all the time. The playbook should be short and to the point. Just a few pages.

Question for you – can you answer those six questions for your organization?
Grace & peace to you today!