Is the Pursuit of More Causing You to Have Less?

Good morning on a brand new week! One nugget for you from Life Action Ministries’ Revival Week last week from a good friend of mine – “We are changed by Jesus when we are with Jesus.” Spend time with Him, in His Word and you will be changed.

I have been contemplating on and reading on how less is more. About how our pursuit of more stuff, status, money, responsibility, and so on is less in how it is a wrong focus and distracts us from the right priorities in life. The interesting thing is – the more we desire to accumulate, the less joy we have in our lives. Scripture makes this abundantly clear for one result of pursuing “stuff” is the crowding out of Jesus in our lives.

One blog that is interesting and will challenge you is The Minimalists written by two young men who were hugely successful in the business world at a young age who found themselves empty. They will definitely challenge your thinking in regards to “stuff”.

Another good article is on the Harvard Business Review site entitled “The Disciplined Pursuit of Less“. The author, Greg McKeown, shares a story about a man. Enric Sala, who finally settled into a career he was passionate about by earning to say no to more.

Mr. McKeown gives us three questions/approaches to use to evaluate things:

First – use extreme criteria. Example, when looking at the clothes in your closet, instead of asking yourself will I possibly wear this sometime in the future, ask yourself, do I absolutely love this piece of clothing? Changes your perspective.

Second – ask what is essential and eliminate the rest.

Third – beware the endowment effect. If we own something we attach more value to it that it usually is worth and hang on to it even though we don’t need it. so when looking at something you own, simply ask yourself if you did not own it, would you be willing to buy it?

So are you strategically eliminating the nonessentials in your life? The hard part is that it often involves saying no to good things or good opportunities that are not what are best for you and your family.

Be strategic and eliminate the distractions, the nonessentials in your life and focus on what is best.

Hope you have a blessed week!