What Is Your Viewpoint?

Good Monday morning to you! It looks like another beautiful day here in southwest Michigan. You can already begin to fel a little tinge of fall in the air – faint, but it is there.

What is your viewpoint towards obstacles, problems, challenges, setbacks, and new opportunities?

Some of us are really satisfied when we have mastered our job and then work to maintain it in a steady state. Problems or failures become something to avoid and if they fo happen, we lose confidence and begin to consider ourselves a failure.

Others see these very things as a way to learn and to grow. They see failure as a lesson in how not to do something and then apply that knowledge in learning how to do it better. They see obstacles as something interesting to overcome that will help them grow and become more effective. They desire to be challenged and stretched.

Some of us think “That’s just the way we are.”, but it’s not. How we approach challenges, obstacles, failures and so on is actually a choice. We do have the capacity to change our viewpoint. It may not be easy, but it is doable. So what do you choose? Avoid hard things or embrace them as a way to learn and grow?

It is your choice and it will have a major impact on your life – it already has.

Blessings on your day & week!