Are You “Safe” to Work For?

Good Friday morning to you!

Life Action’s Board of Directors’ meetings are going well – what a wonderful group of people!

Question for you – Are you “safe” to work for? Is your area a “safe” place to work?

In The Way of the Shepherd, the fourth principle is “Make Your Pasture A Safe Place”. Now we are not talking about physical safety, while that is hugely important, but is your team area, department, division, ministry and so on a place where your staff feels that they are truly cared for and valued?

Here are six suggestions of how to make your area a “safe” place:

a. Keep your people well informed. 

b. Infuse every position with importance. 

c. Cull chronic instigators from the flock. 

d. Regularly rotate people to fresh pastures. 

e. Reassure your people by staying visible. 

f. Don’t give problems time to fester. 

People need to feel “safe” working for you – are they?

Blessings on your weekend!