A New Chapter

Good morning – rainy and warm here in southwest Michigan!

Our lives are a great story – an epic if you will and hopefully the primary theme throughout our story is Jesus Christ. Sprinkled throughout our story are chapters containing great joy, great pain, tremendous blessing, great loss, times of walking intimately with our Creator and times when He seems so far away and silent. Sometimes our story is an adventure novel, sometimes a tragedy, sometimes it is a love poem, and even at times a comedy!

We also have “chapters” in our lives and our family is about to enter a new chapter. For the past eleven years, we have served as deputized missionaries with Life Action Ministries here in southwest Michigan. God used this ministry to work deeply in our lives so many years ago at First Baptist Church of Brandon, Mississippi. We were overjoyed when we were finally able to join the staff of LIfe Action. Being a part of the community of Believers at Life Action is an extraordinary privilege. I have never encountered a group of people before that are so intent on living lives of authentic Christianity. Not perfect mind you, but always seeking to grow in their walk with the Lord and one another. We have been radically and forever changed by this community.

However, the Lord is now moving us. Beginning next week, I will go on staff with Ambassador Enterprises in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ambassador is a Christ-centered company that has long been a partner with Life Action. I will be partnering with a great guy, Randy Carman, in co-leading the Learning & Growth Division of Ambassador. The position is a great fit for me and Ambassador is a high-speed organization that seeks to exalt Christ and to advance His kingdom through business as well as coming alongside ministries and helping them to become even stronger.

I will become a part of Life Action’s Advisory Council and still attend and help with the Board of Directors’ meetings. Also, as part of my role at Ambassador, I will become a consultant to Life Action, especially in the areas of leader & people development.

The opportunity to serve at Ambassador is exciting for us and is a tremendous opportunity. However, leaving a people you love is never easy. And change is hard on a family. So, if the Lord brings us to your mind, we would appreciate your prayers as we “turn the page” to begin this new chapter in the life of our family.