What Did You Say?

Last Friday was a tough day in our family as we said goodbye to our little 15-year old dachshund Frieda. She brought us a lot of joy and laughter and the house seems a little bit emptier now. She is no longer hurting, but we are just a bit now. 

Question for you, have you ever been in a conversation with someone and wished they would just listen for a minute? Instead of having a dialogue, you are listening to a monologue? You knew that if they just stopped and truly listened then they would actually understand what you are trying to say.

The problem is, that we are too often the ones giving the monologue! Sometimes it is “out loud”, but often, we are giving an internal monologue. Instead of listening to the other person for understanding while they are talking we are actually using that time to rehearse what we are going to say next. So, while it may appear outwardly that a conversation is taking place, in truth it is a monologue – or two monologues taking place at once!

Listening is a skill that can be learned. But even more than a skill, it is an attitude – it is an attitude of caring for others and esteeming them more than yourself, it is an attitude of humility, and ultimately it is a key characteristic of a true servant leader.

So – do you have a “listening” attitude?

Click here for a good article on the four key components of listening.

“When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.” Proverbs 10:19

So today, take heed of God’s Word, restrain your lips, and focus on and care for the one who is trying to communicate with you. Listen!

Blessings on your day & upcoming week,