A Culture of Growth

Well, this is the week we move our household from southwest Michigan to northeast Indiana! Bittersweet. Sad about the friends and ministry we are leaving, but excited about the new organization, the opportunities and the new friends we will meet. A big week for our family!

Leaders grow – in fact that is one of the defining characteristics of a true leader. Good leaders also lead others to grow and are a part of their growth process. Great organizations have a culture of growth. not just professionally, but holistically as a person.

So, are you developing a culture of growth? Are you driving it deep into the “DNA” of our organization? How are you showing your staff just how important it is to be on a path of continuous growth?

You don’t have to start big, just start by sharing and talking about articles or blogs you have read. Learn your people, what are their dreams and passions? How can you help them reach their goals? Can you provide them resources or point them to resources? Make their growth a part of your everyday conversations with them. Help them to see that it is important and how they will benefit from a holistic approach to personal growth.

Build a culture of growth in your organization and you will be amazed at what happens!

Blessing on your week!

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    In human race it said been moving to place to place and adapting to new environment, it is not a wonder that we have africans in india and they are recognized as indians


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