Work as Worship – 12 Themes

Good morning! I have been a tad inconsistent in posting over the last two or three weeks as we have been transitioning to another job, state and house! As I mentioned before, we have moved from Life Action Ministries to Ambassador Enterprises in Fort Wayne, IN. Ambassador is a partner with Life Action and a Christ-centered company, so the transition has been a bit easier.

One of my recent assignments was reviewing the book Work as Worship by Mark Russell. This is a good book that gives you a different perspective on work. For so long I, as do many others, viewed someone in full-time vocational ministry as “first-string” ministry and those in the secular workforce were not really in ministry. They at best would have the opportunity to support those “really” in ministry.

Work as Worship shows the fallacy of that viewpoint. The book is filled with the stories of people who are leaders of businesses and who see their work as ministry. They are impacting lives and changing society through their work.

The book covers twelve themes:

  1. Calling
  2. Leadership
  3. Character
  4. Success
  5. Money
  6. Stewardship
  7. Balance
  8. Disciplines
  9. Relationships
  10. Pluralism
  11. Ethics
  12. Giving

Think about it – your work, whatever it is, should be an act of worship of Jesus. So, are you doing you work “as unto Christ”? Or are you just trying to get by?

Today, this Monday, enter into your work with passion and energy as you worship Him and represent Him in your workplace.

Blessings on your week!

One thought on “Work as Worship – 12 Themes

  1. As a man called into “ministry” that is not in a so-called ministry, I have understood this principle of “as unto the Lord” experiencially. I have been a bi-vocational pastor twice now. I work in a steel mill (almost 39 years). I have looked at my job as place to be a light for Christ, to work as unto Him. Being excellent in the workplace is one of the best witnesses. At my age (57 next week) I am learning God’s ways are not always the pragmatic or even practical. But His ways are always best, as is with His timing. Vocational ministry as it is called is valid for many. I myself am believing for a full-time ministry as I finish my tenure at the steel mill. Retirement for me is an upgrade into where I believe is my life’s mission. God has yearned for His harvest to be full of laborers for some time now. I know there are many Baby Boomers like myself who are preparing and being prepared for their final assignment from God in respect to His harvest. That is why I appreciate Life Action. The “Revive” magizine has stirred my heart for many years in my walk with Jesus Christ. It is only in my abiding in Him that I truly can work “as unto Him” in my workplace, or anywhere for that matter.


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