Online Addiction – Some Suggestions

Online addiction? Really? Yes – it seems that we really do often develop an addiction to being online. Constantly searching, constantly “clicking” – for what?

Tony Schwartz has a good article on online addiction and some steps you can take to battle that tendency. Click here to read the full article. The more time we spend online, the less productive and creative that we are which diminishes our lives.

Tony suggests the following:

1. Lead yourself not into temptation. Instead, consciously choose times to turn off your technology entirely.

2. Carry a notebook with you throughout your workday. Download any ideas that come to you as quickly as possible — 

3. Between meetings and obligations, take some time to breathe deeply —  You’ll feel calmer, and you’ll be better able to focus.

4. Take a 15- to 20-minute nap between 1 and 4 p.m. — especially on days when you’ve not gotten sufficient sleep and you find yourself dragging.

5. Designate and put in your calendar specific times each week to think reflectively, creatively, and/or strategically. 

Some good suggestions. My question for you – Is technology a tool or is it your master?


3 thoughts on “Online Addiction – Some Suggestions

  1. All five steps are great to read i am very glad to read your tips for eradicate online addiction i also mostly online in whole day but i never think about rest now i read and suddenly take deep breath i really feel relax. Thank you very much for your post.


  2. Funny, I’ve been without the internet at home for the last three days… And for the first time in months I’ve read two chapters in a book. Granted the “downtime” is because I had troubles with my ISP, so it is not permanent (hopefully), but I suggest having an “internet-free day” on a periodic basis. Even just once a month – turn it off. But, why stop there, how about an “electronic-free day?” Turn off the phones, the tv, and the computer. No need to commune with nature (although that would be good too), just spend quality time with family and friends (there are still board games out there!), read a book, or do something with your talents!


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