Effective Listening Begins With . . .

Are you a good listener? Personally I struggle with being a good listener. I am much better than I was, but still not that good. So, I am trying to learn how to listen.

Do you ever have the problem of preparing what you are about to say while the other person is still talking? Do you ever go into a conversation completely sure of your position and instead of having a conversation, you and the other person are just trading statements? So how do we become better listeners?

We begin with a key concept – humility. Yep – humility. It is key to us being able to truly listen to another person. Check out this article on listening on Ambassador’s Engage site:

Humility says:

  • My perspective is incomplete (wrong) and I need others to complete it.
  • You and your communication have value.
  • Your message is worthy of being understood.
  •  I cannot judge the value of your message until I understand it.
  • I do not understand your message until you say I do.

So, to truly listen to someone as you seek understanding, the place to begin is with a humble attitude. Practicing humility will make you a better listener.