Leaders Grow!

Good morning! Here at Ambassador Enterprises, one of the key emphases is growth in all areas of your life. Reflecting on that caused me to remember this post on a great little book by Ken Blanchard – Great Leaders Grow. So here is the post I did on the book last year.

Leaders are learners and personal growth is a way of life for them.

In their book Great Leaders Grow, Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller use the word GROW as an acronym to give you a pattern for growing as a leader.

G – Gain Knowledge

* About yourself
* About others (learn their stories)
* About your industry / profession
* About leadership

R – Reach Out To Others

* Formally
* Informally

O – Open Your World

* Gain new experiences at work
* Gain new experiences outside of work

W – Walk Toward Wisdom

* Self-evaluation
* Seek feedback
* Seek counsel
* Spend Time

Excellent little book.  A quick read with some great concepts.  It’s worth your investment.