The Beauty of A Broken Leader

Good morning! I hope that your week is getting off to a great start. Let’s get started with a hard topic this week.

. . . when God trusts people with His assignments, He often first crushes them.” (Crawford Lorritts) That doesn’t sound very appealing does it? It’s not appealing to me at all, however, I was once again confronted with the fundamental need for brokenness as I read through A Tale of Three Kings. This short and powerful book is a picture of two unbroken kings, Saul and Absalom, and one very broken king – David. The contrast is powerful and sobering. Think about this: David’s life after his anointing by Samuel was often marked by pain, suffering and betrayal. The manner in which David submitted to his treatment by Saul was a work of the Lord in his heart. The times in the caves fleeing and fearing for his life are part of what produced the brokenness in him that the Lord desired for David. It was hard and painful, but oh so needed.

Crawford Lorritts in his powerful book Leadership As An Identity, identifies four common attributes of a leader called by God: 1. Brokenness, 2. Uncommon Communion, 3. Servanthood As An Identity, and 4. Radical, Immediate Obedience. As you see, Brokenness is first as you will not be able to live the other three without it.

In this article, Dr. Lorritts goes on to say:

“Every person God trusts with His assignments has been characterized by brokenness. God does not use anyone greatly who comes to Him feeling fully developed and capable. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue excellence and the development of everything God has given you (see 1 Timothy 4:12-16). But brokenness is a permanent sense of God-neediness.

God does not trust His assignments to people who have not slain the desire to appear significant. Godly leadership cannot be an extension of your own need for attention and admiration. You can’t prostitute God’s assignments as an opportunity to be visible and praised.”

Dr. Lorritts goes on to say that brokenness is based on two things: surrender and an acute awareness of the pain caused by personal sin.

As hard and frightening as it may seem, embrace brokenness. God’s assignments are all about Him – His glory. It is not about me, you or whoever – it is about Him. If He has given you an assignment, if He has called you to lead, you must embrace brokenness. An unbroken leader is a dangerous leader – to himself and to others.

“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, . . .” Psalm 51:17

Seek Him this week and surrender to Him – embrace brokenness,
In Christ,