The One Thing That Will Cause You To Fail

Good Monday morning to you! This week, we have the blessing of taking time to stop as a nation and give thanks to our Lord for His blessings on us. In the midst of family, eating and football, take time to remember why we have this national holiday and to Whom we owe thanks. Our forefathers knew to Whom thanks was owed.

There is one “disease” / one thing in your life that will guarantee your failure in most areas of your life. It is a common disease and has been with us from the very beginning. It is Pride. It is a fundamental issue from which so many other issues spring that so often results in wrecked lives.

Pride is so insidious, so subtle and so very, very destructive. It so often derails people at the height of their careers / lives. And when it manifests itself and someone implodes from it – there is very often great collateral damage – especially to families.

So often, when we have achieved “success”, when we have risen to the top of our profession, when things are really going well, we start believing what others say about us, we begin thinking that we really did do it on our own, and that the “rules’ are for others because we really are “different”. We think that we are above the crowd and somehow invulnerable to the temptations that have taken down so many others.

I don’t know the heart of GEN Petraus nor do I know the details of his life. However, it has all the hallmarks of a very powerful man who allowed pride to obscure his vision and to cause him to so deeply hurt his family and to tarnish a brilliant career.

In the book Derailed: Five Lessons Learned from Catastrophic Failures of Leadership, Tim Irwin talks about six famous leaders who derailed and the common theme was pride. In a recent article for FastCompany, Ken Blanchard talks about how the ego can derail a career.

Pride is destructive – nothing good comes of it! The question for you is – are you in danger of pride derailing you? Is it time to stop and reflect on how you are living? Are you living a prideful life or are you taking the path of humility?

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.” Proverbs 11:2

Walk the path of humility,

One thought on “The One Thing That Will Cause You To Fail

  1. I unfortunately agree fully with your comments on the dangers and subtiity of pride. My most disappointing times in governance and Board development have been when either the leader or a major board member was tripped up by this attitude, also my own vulnerability to this disease.

    John talks about the three characteristics of the World in 1 John 2:15-17, passions, possessions, and positions. Whenever a person begins to redefine these to allow them any desire or involvement in these, they have begun to act and think they are God and pride has taken over

    I have also noticed that usually only one will be initially visible, but even then they will all be present at some level. Satan is a very sly in getting a person to justify their actions. Our protection is to seek continually the walk of humility and service that Jesus modeled and we are empowered to do by the Holy Spirit.


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