The Beauty of Subtraction

Good morning, I trust you had a great Thanksgiving celebration. It was a great time at our house with everyone home plus some good friends visiting from Michigan.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Less is more”? We say that we believe it, but in our culture, it seems that we really put the value on addition or even multiplication. We keep accumulating – material “stuff”, things to do, more activities, greater responsibility at work, more sports & activities for our children, more time surfing the net, and more & more debt as we accumulate all of these things in our lives. The sad part is that as we are driven to add more of whatever in our lives, it all seems to crowd out the simple things that really bring us joy. What is really important becomes obscured by all the stuff and and frenzy of activity.

I have found an interesting book called The Laws of Subtraction: Six Simple Rules, that highlights the importance of “subtraction” in your life so that you remove the right things in the right way so that you begin leading a more meaningful and impactful life.

the six laws are:

1. What isn’t there can often trump what is.

2. The simplest rules create the most effective experience.

3. Limiting information engages the imagination.

4. Creativity thrives under intelligent constraints.

5. Break is the important part of breakthrough.

6. Doing something isn’t always better than doing nothing.

The book is worth a read if you are feeling overwhelmed with the sense of tremendous activity in your life while at the same time feeling ineffective and unfulfilled.

Blessings on your week!