Great Leaders – A Common Thread

Good morning! It’s an unusually warm foggy morning here in northeast Indiana. Being a Southern boy that’s ok with me as I am not quite ready for snow just yet.

Last week, I was part of a team conducting leadership training for an Ambassador company in Tennessee. As we were going through the training I kept noticing a particular characteristic that was being mentioned over and over as being fundamental to effective leadership. Also, the absence of this characteristic has been the source of the downfall of so many gifted leaders. However, this characteristic goes counter to the popular image of a leader. Somehow, it just doesn’t fit the image of a leader – especially the image portrayed by the media.Good to Great

This common characteristic is humility. Truly effective leaders who have a lasting impact on people and the organizations are marked by humility. Jim Collins in his book Good to Great found that the “Level 5” leaders of these great companies were marked by deep personal humility and fierce resolve. Most of these CEO’s led quietly, were quick to give credit to others and to accept personal responsibility when things did not go well. They served others and the organization – not themselves.

Are you living a life of humility? Is your life one of serving God and others or is it one of serving yourself? Humility is a choice – it is an intentional way of living life. It is outward / others focused vs. inward / self-focused. As a result it is a much richer way of living.

So make the choice today – live a life of humility and make a real difference in this world.

Serving Him,