Why? – A Great Question

Good morning – it’s unusually mild here in northeast IN, but I am enjoying the milder weather! It has been a difficult time for our nation – click here for a prayer in regards to that senseless act of evil that occurred in Newton, CT. Lord, we do lift up to you the families and community of Newton.golden-circle

So many of us know what our organizations do and how we do it, but too often not many of us understand why. And it is the why that is the compelling part of our lives.

Do you understand the why of your organization? What about the why of your life? Deeply understanding the why behind what we do provides vision, energy, and captures the imagination of others.

In fact, as Simon Sinek notes in Start with Why, the most fundamental and important question is to ask “Why do we do what we do?” as that is what attracts others to your cause and provides people the motivation to excel.

So, come to understand the why and see how rich and compelling the what and how of what you do becomes to you and others.

Have a blessed week & remember the community of Newton in your prayers this week.