What You Need To Stop Doing

December 26, 2012

I hope you had a blessed Christmas celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior – Jesus the Christ. We have minimized the use of technology over the last few days but I thought time to get up another post.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

I read something interesting this morning on the Harvard Business Review website (this is a great resource by the way if you are in leadership, whether it be business, non-profit or a church). The article is on things people wished their boss (leader) would stop doing and some sound very familiar. When I have asked people directly how I could be a better boss, some of these very things came up in the discussion. So here is the list from the HBR article:

1. Don’t obfuscate; tell it like it is. – People, especially the Gen Y crowd, want to know where they stand. They want to know what they need to do to get better.

2. Stop telling me what I know. – They want to be coached and taught and then given freedom to do the job. One quote was “Coach me, enable me, support me”.

3. Don’t stray; walk the talk. – Pretty straight forward. Be a person of integrity. Ensure your actions are consistent with your words. People are looking for role models and they are proving difficult to find. When I was at Life Action Ministries, we called this having a Life Message.*

4. Stop playing favorites. – Again, self-evident, but so many of us are guilty of rewarding people for the wrong reasons.

5. Don’t be a boss, be a leader. – There was an unmistakable call for appreciative, empathetic, respect-worthy leaders. One person said “A boss inspires fear, a leader inspires enthusiasm.”

Some good points. Take some time and ask your team members what it is that you need to stop doing in order to become a better leader of your team. Not very easy to do. Also, when you ask and they tell you – resist the incredibly strong desire you will have to defend yourself. Defending yourself is of no value. Just listen and learn and become a better leader.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

* Life Message
1 Thessalonians 1:5; 2:10
Someone has said, “A message prepared in a mind reaches minds; a message prepared in a heart reaches hearts; but a message prepared in a life reaches and changes lives.” The power of God to change lives is released through the truth of God’s Word illustrated in lives. Therefore our lives must be living demonstrations of the reality and the truths of His Word.