Questions You Need To Ask

Good morning! I surely am enjoying my time with my family this week.lake shot by Lauren

Question for you – do you really want to GROW? If you are a leader or aspire to be one, you must be in a state of continual growth. This is a very intentional, and sometimes painful, process. It doesn’t just happen.

One of the most important, and ongoing, tasks you have as a leader is to know yourself. Self-awareness is critical to effective leadership. As we are all finite creatures that have been marred by sin, some of that self-awareness ie intensely uncomfortable. There are things about ourselves we just don’t want to know, wish we did not know, or just plain ignore and hope no one else notices. The truth is, we all have blind spots and we NEED each other. We need the truthful, and often painful, input of those that care about us in order to cut away the weights that hinder our growth. You and I need external input as there is no way that we are truly objective about ourselves.

One of the best and most simple ways to get this external input is to simply ask for it from those that you work with and do life with. Here are some examples from a blog post on Ambassador Enterprises‘ website:

  1. What would you want to see more of in me?
  2. What have you seen in me that limited my effectiveness?
  3. I believe we all have blind spots. What are the most significant ones you think I may have?
  4. I’ve taken an assessment that said I tend to be inflexible. How did that play out in our relationship?
  5. I’ve taken an assessment that said I tend to be insensitive. How did that play out in our relationship?”

Also, a couple of my favorites (in the context of my vocation) are:

  1. What behavior of mine most contributes to the success of the team?
  2. What behavior of mine most detracts from the success of the team?

I have been though this drill and it is most uncomfortable – but oh so worth it in my growth as a leader.

So – do you want to be a better leader? Then you must be willing to do the work of coming to know yourself even better – the good and the bad.

Peace and grace to you this day,