Are You a Little Distracted?

Good morning to you!

Do you at times feel a little distracted? Maybe a lot distracted? Especially when you need to be focusing on people that are

Picture of ice on our window by our daughter Keely.
Picture of ice on our window by our daughter Keely.

important in your life? Maybe it’s the “To-Do” list at work that gets longer every day, maybe it’s a tinge of concern about money, maybe the car is acting up some, or . . .  You get the picture.

The problem is that distraction is corrosive to your most important relationships. This weekend, I was reminded of how important it is to give undivided attention to those you love. Angela, my wife, and I made a flying trip to Nashville on Saturday to pick up a vehicle, stopped overnight in Kentucky and then returned to northeast Indiana Sunday morning. We had an incredible time driving down. We just focused on each other (well not entirely as I did have to keep one eye on the road!) and had a great time sharing with and listening to one another. A great time. With my personality type, I stay inside my head a lots. Angela has to be busy. She calls herself a “piddler” and is always doing something – especially around the house. We both easily have our attention distracted from one another.

The primary answer we have found is to carve out times where we get into another environment and just focus on each other. Long drives are great. However, we had to do something on a regular basis. So years ago, we set aside Saturday mornings as a weekly breakfast date. Wherever we have lived, we have found a cool cafe to spend early Saturday mornings focused on our relationship. Sure it cramps our style in regards to chores and projects around the house as well as even sleeping late, but we have found it to be vital to maintaining a healthy relationship. (by the way, our new favorite place is the Friendly Fox – a cool little neighborhood cafe).

I wonder how much distraction is negatively impacting our other key relationships? Probably way too much. What should we do about that? How should we ensure that we are truly focusing on those important relationships?

I would enjoy hearing some of your suggestions!