Use Verbs and Not Nouns

Good morning!Lauren - snow at the NMC FEB 2013

In reading the book Start With Why, the author makes an excellent point when talking about values or guiding principles. His belief is that instead of nouns lie “integrity”, we should be using phrases with verbs such as “always do the right thing.” Instead of innovation you might use “look at the problem from a different angle.”

This makes sense to me as “integrity” can be a nebulous concept to some people and we might be unsure of just what it means. “Do the right things is a much clearer statement that most of us will readily understand. In fact, here at Ambassador Enterprises, our core values / guiding principles are action or verb oriented: Honor God, Respect Others, and Work Hard.

So, why don’t you look at your core values or guiding principles and if they are nouns, see how you might change them to verbs – make them action oriented.

It would be interesting to see what you come up with, so if you have time share them with me.

Have a great Thursday!