How Do I Fit Here?

Good Monday morning to you! This weekend a good friend of mine posted on Facebook his opinion that naps ought to be a required part of the first week of daylight savings time. After getting up this morning with my body clock at odds with my alarm clock I think he may be on to something.

How important is it for you to know how you fit within your organization? Does it help you to have clarity regarding how your role The Four Obsessionsadvances the mission of your organization? Does it help you to know just how it is that you add value to your organization?

For most of us, it does matter. We don’t want to just be a cog in a large machine. Most of us want to do things that matter and we want to know just how it is that we advance the mission of our organization. And so do the people we lead.

Creating clarity is a key role of a leader. A particularly important area where we need to create clarity is just how the people we lead contribute to the overall mission of our organizations. They need to know that what they do is valuable and they need to know how and why it is valuable. You need to be able to “connect the dots” for them from what they do to the overall mission. This is a hugely important aspect of a leader’s role that is often overlooked. Sometimes we even forget just how important the people are to the mission of the organization. (NOTE: Check out Patrick Lencioni’s book The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive for a good read on creating organizational clarity.)

So take time today and think about the people you have the privilege of leading and how vital they are to your organization (yes – even the ones that irritate you!) and then take the time to begin telling them just how they fit and how important they are to the organization.

Hope you have a great week and maybe you will have the opportunity to catch a couple of naps!