Want To Lead? Learn To Give

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup, cherries and cookies in an edible bowl
Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup, cherries and cookies in an edible bowl

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend – we did. All four of us were together as my oldest daughter drove down from Michigan for the weekend and we had a nice time. Coffe at the Firefly Coffee House then a great dinner yesterday and check out the dessert Angela made for us last night. (I am going to have to double my workouts his week!)

Probably like me, you have read a lot of books on leadership, have seen images of leaders, and heard many stories of leaders. Leaders come in all sizes, shapes, personalities, styles and so on. Of course there are certain traits that are true of the types of leaders who leave a lasting legacy of good – those people who have had a positive and lasting impact on the lives of other people. There is one trait, however, I have not seen mentioned very often.

The trait that I am thinking of is giving. The kind of leader I am talking about, the one who impacts people’s lives for a long time, is a giver. They give many things to the people they serve (lead). They give hugely of themselves in terms of time, hard work, patience, encouragement, teaching, correcting, training and most of all – their attention. Great leaders are always giving of themselves to the people they lead, but one key thing they give is their attention. A leader has many things competing for their attention – hugely important things – but the wise leader ensures that they give much, if not most, of that attention to the people they lead (serve).

Great leaders have the heart of a giver and they give deeply of themselves to those that they lead. So, if you want to be a great leader, develop the heart of a giver and then give deeply out of love for those you lead. Lives will be changed – especially yours.

Learning to lead with you,