Are They Better Off?

Good morning. It’s Friday and I am in day 2 of a great symposium we’re having here at Ambassador Enterprises educational collaborative known as The Summit.Master Leaders

One of the books on leadership I enjoy is Master Leaders by George Barna. It is a collection of interviews he had with thirty leaders and it has some great nuggets of wisdom.

One of those nuggets was by Henry Cloud – “. . . when leaders are successful, in the wake of their leadership you’re going to find people who were better off for having been under or with or alongside their leadership. They’ve grown, they’ve developed, they’ve been touched, they’ve been challenged, they’ve been corrected, they’ve been built. That leader has left people behind who are better off for having been there.”

So, a question for you to ponder – are you investing in the lives of those you lead so that they are better off for having been with you?

Have a great weekend,