An Affair of the Heart

Good morning, I hope that this Holy Week has been special for you as we prepare our hearts for this weekend we remember and celebrate and give thanks for the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.the-truth-about

According to James Kouzes and Barry Posner, in their book The Truth About Leadership, leadership is an affair of the heart. Listen to what they say:

There’s no integrity without heart. There’s no commitment and conviction without heart. There’s no trust and support without heart. There’s no persistence and courage without heart. There’s no learning and risk taking without heart. Nothing important ever gets done without heart. Purely and simply, exemplary leaders excel at improving performance because they pay attention to the human heart.”

So, is your leadership an “affair of the heart”? Do you deeply care for those you lead and serve? Do you pay attention to the hearts of those you lead?

You should not divorce emotion from your vocation and if you want to truly impact the lives of others, you cannot divorce your emotions from your vocation.

Care and care deeply for those you lead and make a difference in their lives – today.

Tomorrow, take some time to contemplate the extravagant act of love of Jesus for us and then thank Him.

Peace and grace to you at this most special time of year,

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