Leadership Is Dead – Really?

Good morning. Still cold here, but starting to slowly warm up and starting to see a few signs of Spring!7 Actions to improve influence

How did that title grab you? It certainly caught my attention. It is the title of the book by Jeremie Kubicek about influence. Actually, the full title is Leadership Is Dead, How Influence Is Reviving It. The book is about influence and how you should use it to benefit others. Mr. Kubicek has recently updated the book and given it a new title, Making Your Leadership Come Alive, 7 Actions to Increase Your Influence.

A quote from the book that resonated with me: “After decades of greed by corporate tycoons, financial moguls, and political egos, this generation is searching for authentic, selfless leadership that holds a mission higher than and outside of themselves“. Amen!

Jeremie deals with this well in the book and gives you seven actions to increase your influence the right way:

1. Give Trust to Become Trustworthy

2. Become Credible, Not Just Smart

3. Be Intentional In Your Influence

4. Break Through Your Walls of Self-Preservation

5. Pursue Relationship Before Opportunity

6. Give Yourself Away

7. Become Significant in Your Impact

These are some great steps to take and he unpacks them well. So, if you want to lead differently, if you value people and relationships, and you want to have more influence for a greater mission than yourself, check out Jeremie’s book. Jeremie makes the statement that God reset his leadership paradigm through a horrific accident. He wants to help others to reset their leadership paradigm without them having to go through such an experience.

So, check out Making Your Leadership Come Alive, 7 Actions to Increase Your Influence, it is worth your time.