A Healthy Dependency

Good morning. I hope your week is getting off to  great start today.IMG_20130408_085711_283

I mentioned last Friday about having a spring cold. Well, it kicked in full force that afternoon and through the weekend and is still hanging on this morning. I don’t even remember the last time I was really sick, so this has been a humbling experience. I came to a new appreciation as to how much I depend on Angela (my wife). She has been wonderful to me this weekend.

One of the things that is important to us at Ambassador is that people have a mindset or attitude of dependency. Not an unhealthy dependency of course, but this is the recognition of how much we need, depend on, God and others. Without God and without others we are nothing and cannot accomplish anything. To live truly independent of God and others would be the most miserable of lives.

So, this weekend (and still going on today unfortunately), I have been undergoing a lesson on how much I need, depend on, others, So, I encourage you to develop a healthy attitude of dependency on God and others. We need each other and we especially need Him.

Blessing on your week! I’ve got to go now and find some Kleenex!