Do You Have A Coffee Budget?

Good morning to you! I hope your week is getting off to a great start, it looks like mine will be pretty full.

Question – do you have a coffee budget? No? Maybe you ought to if you really want to grow. Confused yet?coffee cup at PT

Most of us are busy, very busy in fact. Because of that and because of a lack of intentionality, our circles of influence may sometimes be smaller than we might imagine. Also, they may not be very diverse, so we spend most of our time with people very much like us. The result can be a narrowing of our thinking and a lack of creative input into our lives. So, to counter this I am suggesting you drink some coffee!

What I really am suggesting is that you set up your budget so that you can take someone different out for a cup of coffee each week for a year. Pick interesting people from a wide range of backgrounds from whom you can learn. People that will challenge your thinking and your preconceived notions. People from walks of life very different from your own.

Take them out for a cup of coffee, ask good questions and then listen. You will be amazed at what you learn and the friendships that you start. The hard part will be getting outside of your normal circles, but to make this really interesting, you will need to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Stretch yourself, grow, and by the way – you will impact them as well.

So go enjoy a cup of coffee with someone new this week. You will be blessed.