Five Ways to Manage Relationships

Good morning! Our family had a great weekend – hope you did as well. Hey, here is a great quote for you from someone I follow on Spring Flower 2013 LaurenFacebook – Marshall Ramsey, “. . . worry is the tragic misuse of a perfectly good imagination.”

Last week, someone was asking a group of people how to manage their many new professional relationships. There were several experienced people there with some good ideas. While the context of the question was not personal relationships, I found many of the recommendations would apply. So here are a few things you can do to manage the relationship.

1. Try to discover the person’s “love language” – learn what it is that communicates care to them and utilize that “language” in your dealings with them.

2. Learn their preferred method of communication – phone call, email, letter, text, video chat, or a visit over a cup of coffee. Use what works best for them – not what works best for you.

3. Learn their preferred frequency of contact. Some people require, and often want, less frequent contact. Others will want a “touch” much more frequently.

4. Record what you learn in whatever contact system you use. In your contact form keep their picture, their love language, their personality type if you know it, their preferred method of communication, and other important pieces of information that will help you to relate to them better.

5. Now schedule your contact with them. Go into whatever calendar system you use and schedule when and how you are going to contact them. I have found that if I don’t get it on my calendar – even personal relationships – I will often let way too much time go by before I contact someone.

These were just a few of the suggestions that were helpful to me and I hope they are helpful to you.

Have a great week!