Seven Habits for a More Productive Week

Good morning – headed to Michigan today to see some of my favorite people at Life Action Ministries.flower by Keely MAY 2013

Question – are you as productive as you want to be? Is there a nagging feeling that you’re not “hitting on all cylinders?” Most of us struggle with this and we’re really not as effective and productive as we could be. We want to be more effective and productive because we are doing things that matter and our work should be done as unto the Lord. It is important. Now the answer is not working harder. If you are like most, you are already working hard and it’s not just about working harder.

It’s more about changing some of your old habits and developing some new ones. Following are nine habits or things to incorporate into your life that will make you more productive and effective:

1. Get enough sleep! You weren’t expecting that one were you? Especially as number 1? The lack of sleep or poor sleep habits is one of the major productivity inhibitors – and a cause of many bad decisions. So learn how much sleep you need and get it. Click here to read more about the importance of sleep.

2. Take walks during the day – really. Walks are good for you physically and mentally. They improve your creativity and productivity. Click here to read a little more on taking walks.

3. Work in focused 90 minute blocks of time, uninterrupted if possible, and then take a quick break. Turn off your computer, your smartphone and whatever else would distract you and focus for 90 minutes on the task at hand and you will be amazed at what you accomplish. Click here for more on this subject.

4. Understand your weekly rhythms and plan your work accordingly. We all have weekly rhythms – times when we are more energized and creative and times when we are moving more slowly. For most of us, Monday is a warm-up day, Tuesday and Wednesday are our peak days and by Thursday our energy is ebbing somewhat and Friday is usually the lowest energy day for most of us. So plan your work so that you are doing creative and focused work on your high energy days and take care of your busy work on days like Friday. Click here for more on this.

5. Put no more than three things on your To Do List each day. Don’t try to do everything today. Take that 50 item To Do List and trim it down to the three most important things you need to do today and focus on getting them done. It will make a difference.

6. “First Things First” – Do the most important thing first – not after you have checked and answered your email and then cruised the Internet – do it first!. Manage your work by priorities. Click here to read a little more about this.

7. Do a Weekly Review every Friday afternoon. Set up a recurring appointment for yourself for about 45 minutes every Friday afternoon. Use this time to review your week and to plan the next week so that when you come in the next Monday morning you arrive with a plan and not scrambling to figure out what to do. Click here to read more about the weekly review and here.

These are just a few things that if you build them into your life, you will become more effective and productive. But don’t take my word for it – try them out for a month and see if they work for you.

Question – what are some of the things you do to be more productive?

Hope your week is going well and finishes well!